The government plan for the next 10 years

Government plays a crucial role in the Indian Economy it has to necessary to maintain the growth of GDP in India. Indian government changes its plan to 5 years and making strategies for the next 5 years. Which government elected its further futuristic goal. Narendra Modi is the present Prime Minister of India and there futuristic gole and visions are outstanding main focus to increase the gross domestic productivity by their policy MAKE IN INDIA. Increase the lower level and small level scale of business. Government strategies are to more export and less import. Next 10 year India scenario will be totally changes it will be a developed nation. Modi cruised to victory amid agrarian distress, youth unemployment, high-income inequality, anemic growth, a broken financial system and the promise of a basic income for 50 million of the country’s poorest families by the Congress, making the win even more momentous.

Talk about some facts and figures –


Talk about some facts and figures –

In 2011 only 11% population use the internet in India 2018 – 40% 2025 – 60% 2030 - 75% population will be using the Internet

ABOUT GDP :- In 2018 India GDP was 2.8 T$ that time rank is 6th. Now 2019 GDP rate is 3.1 T$ this time India 5th biggest rank in economy. India’s economy will double to USD 5 trillion by 2024 it can become 3rd biggest economy in the world. As the assumption by the economist, India will touch 10 T$ up to 2030 which will be the only and the biggest economy in the world.

The Agenda will be - :- Technology will be upgraded continuing, focus on health, education, and development of skills, focusing on the development of the infrastructure sector, Emphasize on fiscal correction, Using resources efficiently, Disinvestment, A Few Big Banks, GST 2.0, Cities as Growth Engines, Empower the Kisan, China Opportunity.

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