Today’s technology works on artificial Intelligence its additional branch of science A.I. Is a highly technical and specialized aim to create an Intelligent machine, it makes to easy modern life and work performing in a fraction of a second. There are 3 types of process in AI -

Learning :- In this AI process scientist pours all the related information and literate rules to work by. Hereby the AI work and perform accordingly.

Reasoning :- by the reasoning the robot will follow the rules and they provide the approximate and a definite conclusion.

Self Correction :- artificial intelligence has particular applications. It involves an expert system, speech recognitions, and machine vision. Technology is the key to success. In Artificial Intelligence robots work on mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithm and their performance.

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Weak artificial intelligence it can perform the particular task ex. Virtual Personal Assistance such as Apple's Siri.

Strong artificial intelligence It perform tough/difficult task like robot.

There, are we used several types of methodology used in Artificial Intelligence –

  • A.I. in Health care
  • A.I. in Business
  • A.I. in Education
  • A.I. in Finance
  • A.I. in Law
  • A.I. in Manufacturing
  • A.I. in Future

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